Sunday, October 1, 2006

The Holy Messengers - Odu Ifa - A Basic Understanding

The Odu Ifa (a binary system of ancient knowledge) are arranged in 16 major chapters with an additional 240 minor chapters making a collections of 256 Odu Ifa chapters or the wisdom of Olodumare (God the Creator) in 256 containers of sacred wisdom/knowledge delivered to mankind in the form of ancient parables. It is said that each of the containers has no less then 1,500 stories per container in 256 places (thus 1,500 x 256 = 384,000 legends), the wisdom / knowledge of the Yoruba Traditional Religious Philosophy called Ifa, is vast and beyond any one humans mind capacity.

We are told that these Holy Messengers called Odu Ifa - of Olodumare was brought to earth by the wise servant of Olodumare called Ela (Orunmila) in the form of ancient parables, profound liturgy and coded language that is both philosophical and practical, and teaches the moral, ethics, values and code of conduct for all humanity, ever since the ancient times up until today.
Ifa Philosophy is still very much an oral tradition with a collective of knowledge dating back over 18,000 years from the creation of earth, Humanity and even the creation of this Universe.
Ifa is the container of ancient wisdom for creation, from the vast universe to the micrscopic insects on this earth.

see video about the recitation of Ifa from Yoruba land at,

Kori Awoyinfa Ifaloju
Oct 2006

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