Saturday, March 10, 2007

Recycling Programs – Is Green the New Religion?

As I prepare my goods to go to the recycling bin, I ponder what is becoming of all this. Here in Toronto we have a advanced recycling program (not as advanced as some cities namely in Europe but we are trying in the context of North America), we have a green bin for organics and non-organics alike, a blue bin for glass, plastics and metals, a grey bin for paper and cardboard, a black box (composter) for fruit and veggies, then the regular garbage pickup which is reduced to only twice monthly, since most if not all goes to the recycling programs. In theory only styrofoam goes to the garbage now a days, everything else can be recycled or turned into rich earth (the green and black bin programs), now it started to dawn on me, is this all a new discovery or is Nature just teaching us now that we are willing to listen. Again.
So then the big question is Green The New Religion or are we just reawakening the dead brain cells of the way we were before we got “smart”. This is a question to ask because had we not come to realize that we can not continue to steal from the earth without returning something, hmmm interesting idea will come back to,,,,,
And the earth can regenerate itself if we put some wisdom and make an effort, another interesting point.

I was recently in New York City this past weekend and was called by a dear friend and asked to possibly fill in at a lecture for another Babalawo who may not be able to attend his engagement, so as I was close and happen to be available she asked me to speak in his absence, I was delighted but unprepared, I asked what the topic to discuss and it had to do with indigenous African Religions – worldwide, I gave it some thought and started to formulate my ideas, before I got a call back saying the planned speaker my good friend would be able to attend and I need not concern myself, which I was fine considering I was not well prepared.
Had I spoken the idea I would of liked to convey was are we all on this earth only returning back to the way things were, are we realizing that the so called religions are not acting in accord with what Nature dictates, that they are only self serving and just take without seeing the need to return?
When looking at African Religions and other like, we are shown that coincidently all the ancient peoples of earth all revere the earth and appease the earth in one way of the other, the ancient people I am referring to here are the Africans, Asians (west Asia and the Orient), Pacific Islands and the North, Central, South American indigenous people with the Caribbean Islands (some ancient indigenous Europeans traditions also are similar). Then the only group outside of that is some certain Europeans (mostly northern Europeans), who have now finally seem to have “discovered” living Green, natural fuels, alternative power, regenerating resources and recycling goods.
So what I would have wanted to convey was quite simple, we give and we take, it is in measure, we appease and propitiate the earth and the Divinities within (Nature) so it can regenerate itself and produce more, then we take, and give again, the cycle or recycle continues, nothing new.
The farmer knows this that is why they plant seeds, why don’t they notice, even the very trees know this, that is why no matter how fruitful they will always drop some of its first fruits to the very ground beneath, that way it is giving back to the very earth it depends Ifa tells us this is 1/10th (Idamewa) of its harvest will go back or be spoilt, when will we humans or some humans take notice.

It fascinates me to examine the soil produced from my composter out back of my house and the soil around my Esu shrine (albeit during the summer months), it is very interesting to note they are very similar if not the same, the earth is very black, very rich, many small and large insects live within to keep regenerating the soil, has plenty of worms which signifies it can grow plants and other things and always attracts the most attention from other forms of nature, does this mean something or am I just getting ahead of myself. Truth is they create the same thing and it is all about giving Earth the tools to do what earth does, regenerate Herself. We give to Earth so Earth gives back to us.
My composter has saved me money in buying from the store, black earth and top soil, all I do is place my vegetable and fruit remains into the composter, then with the heat and restricted air, the water and then the growth of regenerative insects, few months later I have my own top soil, to start all over again. Maybe I am reading into this, but I don’t think so, this is no coincidence.

It is said in Suriname (where my lineage comes) ‘it is only the white man who goes hunting on a full stomach’ perhaps they have begun to learn that we, indigenous people take and enjoy what earth offers BECAUSE we give back to the very earth to replenish its sources, we don’t take more then needed.
Some take because it is there and sometimes for sport, time to wake up, the very ozone they destroy, their own skin can not take the excess heat generated and their hunting rifle will surely backfire.

Is Green The New Religion or have we just Awakened Dead Brains Cells ?
I will tell you, Green is the northern Europeans latest discovery, we have been practicing Green all the time.
This is just Nature telling us our time is fast approaching, we who worship Nature and help to sustain living things within Nature will be reaping its benefits, our time is upon us, we were once there before and have finally found out way back, Nature always has a way of winning and we are the ones leading the battle, we are the blessed ones of this Earth protecting the Divine Creation of the Olodumare, make offering on this Earth to reaffirm this our stance, our day has arrived.

Awoyinfa Ifaloju
Mar. 2007

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