Thursday, November 20, 2008

Book Review - Ifa Dida (Ifa Divination)

I had the great opportunity to finally complete my own personal (objective) review of the work Ifa Dida - An Invitation to Ifa Consultation by Solagbade Popoola Library, INC ISBN 978-0-9810013-1-9

I will also highlight some of the feedback I have received from the many people who have already received it during the pre-release segment.

To summarize the actual comments from the ten Awo Ifa who gave direct feed back,

8/10 said "excellent, love it",
9/10 said "humbled" by depth/content,
7/10 said "massive amount of information",
8/10 said "wow"
6/10 said when is the Volume 2 coming out? want it

others said "finally" now they "see things differently", "thank you" "Orunmila is teaching his children" around world etc etc...

some of the overseas Asefin Media registered customers said, "they want it now in English and then later will buy it again" in their local language(s)

To offer my own unbiased feedback of Ifa Dida, I will say that not only is it the largest complete collection of Ifa stanzas ever put in print with full comprehensive explanative stories to finally gain a deeper understanding of the essence of the philosophical Ifa stanza (unlike everything else currently in print dating back 130+ yrs ).

But Ifa Dida has also started the first encyclopedic collection of the stanzas of Ifa, an eventual complete 17 volume collection, which is a major milestone for not only Ifa oral literature but any ancient oral tradition globally. This is history in the making.

Very important, since oral traditions and literary traditions globally can share and collaborate best practices and aid each other in its preservation, yet staying true to its identity. Ifa Dida is bridging that divide with this offering.

So I conclude by saying, Ifa Dida is a must have for any serious Ifa Diviner/Practitioner who wishes to finally understand the coded figurative language of Ifa poetic stanzas, thus embody it and be able to deliver that message to their client who may come for navigation or direction in ones life. Ifa Dida is a professional diviners reference manual, period.

Not a book to read cover to cover, Ifa Dida is a reference manual to refer to from time to time (like any professional) when divining Ifa on behalf of your client who will be seeking that same clarity, Ifa Dida offers that clarity we need from the ancient wisdom of Ifa.

Awo Ifaloju
Contributor to this work, offering as best I can an unbiased review of the work

Aboru Aboye

Publishers Circular :

Ifa Dida - An Invitation to Ifa Consultation - Volume ONE

Ifa Dida, the new Ifa Diviner / Practitioner Master Reference Manual, is now available as "exclusive" public offering after a very successful global launch for Asefin Media's registered members. Register for Asefin Media HERE

Publication Dimensions:
8.5" x 11" x 4" thick hard back textbook, weighs 8lbs 1oz

Again this is an Ifa diviners reference manual for serious Awo only, not specifically for the general public or interested readers, can be useful for university library and African Studies/Comparative Religious Studies/ Afro-Latin Caribbean Studies and Schools of Divinty
Ifa Dida Volume ONE has sixteen (16) full stanzas, with stories and preparations for all the major Odu Ifa, covering Odu, Eji Ogbe, Oyeku Meji, Iwori Meji, Odi Meji, Irosun Meji, Owonrin Meji, Obara Meji, Okanran Meji, Ogunda Meji, Osa Meji, Ika Meji, Oturuupon Meji, Otura Meji, Irete Meji/Eji Elemere, Ose Meji, Oragun Meji/Ofun with 16 each Odu, it is the largest of its kind anywhere

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