Friday, September 10, 2010

Truth & Righteousness

Ifa Says;

You, who do not know the Mother;
  Stop your impetuous lying,
You, do not know the Father;
  Stop your impetuous lying,
You, do not know the Mother, you do not know the Father of Olódùmarè (The Creator).
This is the Ifa divination cast for Tẹ̀la Ìròkò
Who arrogantly proposed to name the origins of Olódùmarè, impossible,,,,
The King who spreads the mat, but yet exposes His head to the rains, 
It is impossible...

It was the story of Tẹ̀la Ìròkò, who would make his occupation traveling to speak ill about people, spread false rumors about people, blow matters out of proportion and attempt to destroy peoples names and reputations, he did so with arrogance knowing full well he was wrong.
One day he decided to claim he had gained the knowledge of all and everything, and even claimed he had the secret knowledge of Olódùmarè, when people laughed at him, knowing full well he is only trying to build his inflated ego with more falsehood. Tẹ̀la Ìròkò was more eager then ever to claim his position of trying to become somebody, he pressed this matter until it was brought before the Council of Elders (Iyaale & Baale) of the town. Tẹ̀la Ìròkò insisted he had such secret knowledge, when the Elders brought the matter to the Ifa Diviners mentioned above, they articulated the story and asked him to prove such knowledge under Ifa oath, Tẹ̀la Ìròkò could not.
They then performed the necessary actions to deal with such persons and declared such matters tabu, not only was Tẹ̀la Ìròkò removed from the town but his attempt at building respect was totally destroyed.
What should remain sacred should remain sacred, attempts at building ones name at the expense of others should be considered tabu

From one Odù-Ifá

Aboru Aboye

Awo Ifaloju


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