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Ọwọ̀nrín Méjí - Ọwọ̀n / Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Ọwọ̀n Scarcity / Necessity

def. Scarce: adjective
(esp. of food, money, or some other resource) insufficient for the demand;
occurring in small numbers or quantities; rare

def. Necessity
the fact of being required or indispensable

Ifa teaches us; that which we are lacking in our own Earthly accomplishments, can be attained through Ifa consultation and filling that Void which is the Heavenly Scarcity & Necessity of that item(s) in our own Heavenly Lot. It is through divination and the appropriate follow up rituals that this Necessity can be provided for, and the Void satisfied, thus we enjoy that aspect of our Earthly blessing.

Commerce within Ifa teaches us; it is by seeking for a particular item and finding a shortage or perpetual out-of-stock (Scarcity) of that particular item, an entrepreneurial minded person creates a business idea which births a business model. A business with a ready clientele - the much needed critical-mass (Necessity) to kick start a new venture with growth potentials.
Also, it is this same Scarcity & Necessity, which makes one to become resourceful and inventive in creating; 1) that item, 2) a similar item, 3) a more cost-efficient item or 4) the closest substitute item. (I will be addressing the issue of substitution within Ifa in a future article).
In either case Ifa pinpoints that be it the need of the industry, Humans, Earth deity, Nature deities or the "Spiritual" realm, we can address the area of Scarcity & Necessity similar to fulfilling our ritual request or obligations

The Ọwọ̀n (Scarcity / Necessity) of Ọwọ̀nrín Méjí

Ọwọ̀nrín Méjí says;
Ọwọ̀n (Necessity) of money makes one to seek an alternative means
Ọwọ̀n (Scarcity) of water makes one to capture water-drips
Too much water Ọwọ̀n (Scarcity) is known as drought which brings famine
These were Ifa's Priest who cast Ifa for Oun-yoo-won
The Princess in Old Oyo

Ifa is in this particular stanza pointing out that when an item is a Necessity & Scarce it usually either drives up the street value and/or makes people to seek the best substitute especially if the item is a Necessity or something we all need and depend upon and yet is not plentiful.
Let us consider for a moment if our global fresh water supply continues to diminish, what will we do...? As already stated, the price of fresh drinking water may become one of our most prized commodities, unless we find means to augment it or find ways to decrease usage.
We Ifa practitioners pray to our Great Mother Olomitutu (Osun / Iyemoja / Oba) that they will not abandon us & provide for us in this way.

Ọwọ̀n (Ifa Ọwọ̀nrín Méjí ) instructs us to seek what is a Necessity to fill the Void, bringing abundant blessings into our lives. Example taken from one ese Ifa of Ifa Dida Volume ONE by AsefinMedia LLP

Aboru Aboye Abosise
Awo Ifaloju
I am writing this 'Ifa Speaks' from Havana, Cuba where the issue of Ọwọ̀n is very present as with many other corners of this World

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