Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Odu of the Year ObaraOgunda 2011/2012

On Saturday/Sunday June 4/5 the Annual Agbonniregun Ifa Festival was held at Oke Itase Orunmila Temple, Ile Ife. During Ifa consultation, Obara Ogunda was revealed.
Ifa foresees Ire Gbogbo (All Ire of life). Ifa says that ebo will enable all the ire to manifest.
By virtue of this Odu, and in cognizance of the fact that Ifa foresees ire, there is the need for all Ifa devotees the world over to propitiate their Ifa with two kolanuts, four bitterkolas, one hen and money each. In addition to this, all those born by this Odu are expected to specifically ask Ifa what Ifa will take from them in order for all the Ire in their Odu to manifest in this year.

MESSAGES OF OBARA OGUNDA FOR ALL IFA DEVOTEES FOR THE YEAR 2011/2012.... read more at Odu Ifa for Year/Ano

the author of this detailed analysis is:
Solagbade Popoola.
Chairman, Ethics and Scripture
International Council for Ifa Religion.
Rector, Ifa International Training Institute.

Chief Popoola is also the author of Ifa Dida Volume 1 & Volume 2, Ikunle Abiyamo ASE of Motherhood and several other coming titles, learn more at:

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